Rea Azalea Tilt – in – Space Wheelchair

The Rea Azalea is a wheelchair that is specially designed to meet the needs of clients sat for long periods of time, it is a Tilt–in–Space wheelchair with an additional backrest recline.

The tilt in space aspect of this chair enables a career to change the pressure points of the client throughout the day therefore reducing the risk of pressure sores. It is a highly adjustable wheelchair designed for comfort and for sitting for long periods of time. The tilt in space function also ensures the client is at a angle in which they cannot slip out of the chair.

This chair is available in either self propelled or transit versions and come in a large range of sizes with many different options so we can meet your needs.

Please give us a call on 01932 846001 to discuss your needs and to arrange a local demonstration.

Brochure: Rea Azalea