Jubilee Waterfall Back Tilt in Space Dual Motor Riser Recliner

The Dual Motor Jubilee Riser Recliner has a Tilt in Space motion which elevates your legs slightly higher than a standard Dual Motor Riser Recliner this is good for numerous reasons for example to improve circulation and reduced swelling in legs and feet. It has an easy to use handset with large buttons which are lit when in use. The handset can be for Right or Left hand users. There is a great choice of 4 fabrics and 4 premium Ultraleather Breathable Leatherette which are available within a few days however there are many other fabrics available for this chair as a made to order option which would be a slightly longer delivery time. This chair features a waterfall back which has 3 adjustable back cushions OR a Lateral back which provides further support around your lumbar area and is a great choice for someone whom tends to lean to one side. The smooth and quiet motors allow you to stand safely, recline and relax in comfort.

This comes as standard with arm covers and an antimacassar.

The Jubilee comes in 3 sizes a Small, Medium and Large and 2 different back options (Waterfall back or Lateral back).

Any questions please give Nigel or Julie a call on 01932 846001


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Brochure: Jubilee Waterfall back